Wings Over Flanders Fields Expansion 3 Game Review

Wings Over Flanders Fields Expansion 3 Game Review

Rick Martin

By Rick Martin

Publisher: OBD Software Games Price $39.99

Passed Inspection: Completely immersive, management over issue ranges, superb graphics, lifelike flight fashions and AI, extra flyable aircrafts than some other WW 1 flight simulator

Failed Basic: No multiplayer

OBD Software continues to develop on its award profitable World War I flight simulator Wings Over Flanders Fields with this third growth to their simulator.

For an entire of the Game and its first two expansions, see:

While many take pleasure in taking part in the graphically beautiful however solitaire impaired Rise of Flight, Wings Over Flanders Fields (WoFF) offers the gamers a totally immersive world to mess around with. Covering from 1915 to 1918, WoFF with this third growth now options 83 completely different aircrafts together with trainers, scouts, two seaters and heavy bombers — Nieuports and Fokker Eindeckers to Albatroses, Be2cs, Se5as, Gothas, Zepplins and Spads Oh My!

WoFF 3 is not only a flight simulator however a totally crafted dynamic World War I atmosphere with function taking part in parts in that you would be able to observe your pilot’s progress or lack thereof.
While not wishing to easily reiterate what I’ve said within the above cited , this will take a look at what this third growth provides to the WoFF expertise.

The very first thing the participant will discover is the improved graphics structure. While the graphics of the unique WoFF have been gorgeous, WoFF 3 dramatically improves on all method of in-game graphics. Aircraft textures at the moment are at a better decision. The unpainted wooden on the facet of the Albatros now appears to be like much more stunning and lifelike! The cloth on aircrafts now has a extra natural really feel and the cockpits look even higher.

When an plane will get hit, as will typically occur, the injury is extra lifelike and detailed. When the pilot will get hit, as occurs additionally, you could a few of your individual blood splattered round you! You hear the material tear, the wooden splinter, the engine sputter and growl and even the wind sounds change because it blows by new holes in your broken plane. It’s not for the faint hearted. In addition, hits on different aircrafts are rendered with extra element and you’ll even see when the pilots or observers get wounded or killed!

Also, balloons react extra realistically when being shot at. And they’re extra lethal when your plane is simply too shut to at least one when it goes up as the image I’ve hooked up reveals. My stunning Spad VII was destroyed and my pilot killed when the balloon he was busting exploded earlier than he might put sufficient distance between him and his goal.

In addition, the climate fashions are enormously improved with extra lifelike wanting and appearing clouds, rain, thunder and snow storms, and exquisite nightfall, daybreak and evening time circumstances. During the early morning or within the night, you possibly can see lights from the cities and airfields until they’re below blackout circumstances.

Mission technology has additionally been tweaked in that once you selected to begin a mission within the air, after all of the aircrafts have taken off, as a substitute of on the airfield, the mission parameters don’t change as they used to in earlier variations of the simulator.

New aircrafts have been added to the digital hanger and embrace the Fokker D.III biplane, the deHavilland D.H.4 two seater and the 150 HP Bentley engined Sopwith Camel.

The aircrafts have extra paint jobs (skins) which precisely mirror all of the squadrons that the participant can both fly for or encounter – French, British, Canadian, Australian, American and German squadrons. In addition, specifically painted aircrafts are additionally mirrored within the Game mechanics. Now WoFF options over 400 completely different skins on simply the Albatros scouts alone! The aces fly aircrafts that are completely correct for the time interval so be careful for the Flying Circus! During one flight once I was flying for the British, I encountered two brightly painted Fokker Dr1 triplanes – from the paint jobs I might inform they have been the Red Baron and his brother! Needless to say, I flew shortly away from that potential scorching spot – until I used to be very fortunate, I knew how it could finish for me.

Additionally, the wizard programmers at OBD Software have additionally made the Game extra novice pleasant. Now gamers can set the problem stage to novice and even to permit the participant to by no means be shot down. This ought to please the informal fliers and it is usually an effective way to be taught the controls of the varied aircrafts with out having to die and create a brand new pilot on a regular basis.

New campaigns and squadrons have been added to the Game. 2 seater American squadrons have been added. These squadrons primarily utilized that work horse of WW 1 two seaters, the D.H.4. It was the D.H.4 which my grandfather labored on at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio in the course of the Great War.

As I said in a earlier of the sooner releases of WoFF, it is a simulator which looks like a task taking part in Game. While you possibly can arrange and play particular fights or re-create well-known air battles, the heart of the simulator is creating a personality after which flying with him till both he retires from fight, is compelled to retire attributable to accidents, will get captured or will get killed. In the marketing campaign mode, the Game forces you to suppose like an actual individual flying an actual plane. Do you press residence your assault, despite the fact that you might be bleeding from a head wound and your plane’s engine is leaking oil and making horrible noises or do you’re taking the extra sensible rout and fly again to base whilst you nonetheless can? In order to get a confirmed kill do you break out of your orders to escort a bomber and assault a two seater approaching your discipline?

In one Game, I used to be making an attempt so exhausting to shoot down a cussed two seater which will need to have taken over 30 or 40 hits from my machine weapons that when it crash landed in a discipline, I discovered myself strafing it and its crew on the bottom out of full frustration. I felt responsible afterwards however that’s struggle, proper?

In order to immerse you on the planet of 1914 to 1918, WoFF options newspapers from 1914 to 1918 which maintain you up to date on what’s occurring within the bigger campaigns. Additionally, when on the bottom at your discipline, you possibly can hear church bells ring, canines barking and different atmospherics. Also, stunning new musical scores have been added to the Game by composer Matt Milne who composed music for the opposite WoFF releases in addition to Rise of Flight.

I can’t converse extremely sufficient about this third growth to Wings Over Flanders Fields; it’s a basic! This growth provides a lot extra worth to an already nice piece of software program. WOFF is the one laptop Game I maintain going again to again and again for over 6 years! Now, I’ve to cease scripting this and fly yet another mission. I want yet another kill to make my Se5a pilot an ace!

Armchair General Rating: 99 %

Solitaire Rating: 5 (from 0 to 5)

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shot down an ACE

The Red Baron has Rejoined our Squadron

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horrible weather soaking me 2




Mission 2

wingman shot this guy down


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