What Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch accessory deals to look for in Black Friday 2018

What Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch accessory deals to look for in Black Friday 2018

All the deals on Joy-Cons, Pro Controllers and docking stations that you should be looking for on Black Friday 2018.

It’s the month of Black Friday, and retailers online and off are already preparing swathes of deals on all sorts of gaming goods. If you’ve been keen to get your hands on some extra Nintendo Switch gear but were put off by the sky-high prices, Black Friday 2018 could be the right time to dive in. In this article we’ll be rounding up what deals to look for in Black Friday 2018 before updating with news of each and every discount as we find them.

What Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Accessory deals to look for

© Nintendo
© Nintendo

The Switch’s Joy-Con controllers and docking station are notoriously pricey, but with suppliers lining up to offer discounts, it’s good opportunity to find some of these. Obviously, if you haven’t bought a switch already, you can expect plenty of Nintendo Switch console bundle deals that’ll include different Joy-Cons, but in this article we’ll focus on the accessories themselves.


Nintendo’ Joy-Cons can be bought in a number of different colours including gray, yellow, blue and red, but you can expect to be doling out around $70 for them, which is an awful lot. Last year’s Black Friday deals didn’t see Joy-Cons get much love, but the Switch was still fairly new at that stage, and supplies were stretched thin. This year round Switches and their accessories are much more readily available, meaning we hope to see some discounts of at least $10-20.

While Nintendo does offer a wired controller for Switch we’d recommend looking for deals on the official wireless Pro Controller which can be bought in both regular and Splatoon 2 theming. It’s pricey, normally retailing for around $60, but with Black Friday deals, it’s well worth investing in a fantastic, responsive controller that’s perfect for playing games docked on the TV. Speaking of which…

The Pro Controller is well worth a purchase. © Nintendo
The Pro Controller is well worth a purchase. © Nintendo

Docking stations and other accessories

If you broke your Switch docking station within the first year of the consoles life, you were basically stuffed as Nintendo had woefully underproduced replacements. Fortunately the docking station set is now back in supply but sadly remains extremely expensive at $90 (though you can pick up the cableless version for less).

While we don’t know if there are enough of them floating around for stores to offer discounts, we’ll keep our eyes out for any offers and link them here if they appear. Controller docking stations are thankfully much easier to find. There are a range of Joy-Con and Pro Controller docks available for cheap prices, but why not wait for even cheaper options during Black Friday?

We’ll update this page as soon as Nintendo and retailers start releasing their deals, so check back again regularly to see what Black Friday 2018 has in store! If you’re interested in any other platforms, make sure you check out our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X Black Friday 2018 articles for all the best deals.

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