Way of the Passive Fist (PlayStation 4) Review

Way of the Passive Fist (PlayStation 4) Review

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The side-scrolling beat-’em-up is a style that has been round for nearly so long as video games have existed. Countless games have been launched on this type to the level the place developing with one thing that feels unique and distinctive is sort of not possible. However, Household Games Inc discovered a particular spin to placed on this tried and examined formulation with Way of the Passive Fist.

As the title suggests, Way of the Passive Fist is just not about blazing in headfirst and dominating your enemies with a flurry of punches and kicks. Instead, you are tasked with taking a passive method and utilizing solely blocks and dodges in opposition to the robots and warriors that stand in your means. As you are defending your self in opposition to an enemy onslaught one of two issues can occur. The first is that you will defend your self for lengthy sufficient that your attacker might be depleted of vitality and you’ll merely push them over to defeat them or alternatively you will construct up a combo meter after a number of profitable parries and unleash a particular assault. As you defeat enemies you will acquire expertise, which can see you levelling up and gaining new assaults or talents. The concept of these particular assaults barely go in opposition to the Game’s core mechanic of being passive, however at the identical time it provides the fight some a lot wanted selection.

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While the idea that Way of the Passive Fist brings to the desk is fascinating, it would not work so effectively in execution. Apart from one or two enemy sorts that pressure you to make use of the block, there may be little or no cause to stray away from utilizing the dodge virtually solely. Punches and kicks will be handled through the use of both potential, however when an enemy makes an attempt to make use of a transfer the place they seize you solely the dodge works. Rather than all the time adjusting to assaults on the fly we discovered it was way more environment friendly to only dodge all the time, rendering the block near out of date. 

Much of this Game is performed like these present in the rhythm style. Each enemy kind has a set assault sample, which you’ll be able to simply memorise that will help you dispose of foes a lot faster. The downside with that is that the assault patterns are very quick and easy, which means as soon as you have had one or two appears to be like at every kind of attacker you will have their sample down and there will not be a lot of a problem anymore. In reality, most of the time we ended up taking critical injury from by chance going through the improper means due to the iffy analogue stick controls. Thankfully, you possibly can alter the settings to make use of the directional pad, which works so significantly better with this Game.

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This type of gameplay finally leads the Game to being boring. You will end up strolling about 10 ft, getting locked right into a battle enviornment the place a specific amount of enemies will slowly come at you, you will dispose of them rapidly, after which repeat once more for the Game’s 10 chapters. Some of the chapters will be comparatively prolonged, too, which is an actual take a look at of persistence when there may be completely no variance in the gameplay.

The solely actual problem the Game gives is in the boss battles, which vary from lacklustre to tedious. Just like the common enemies you face, as soon as you have seen the boss cycle by its quick assault sample as soon as, you will know precisely easy methods to counter every part and you will be onto the subsequent stage with just some slight resistance. 

Way of the Passive Fist does give you a big quantity of management over the problem settings, permitting you to make use of sliders that alter enemy energy, encounters, combo mastery, and resourcefulness. However, in our expertise and testing of this function we did not really feel like they altered a lot outdoors of the combo mastery slider which provides you extra leeway in maintaining your combos going. Moving the slider from the default “normal” setting to the best setting for enemy energy and encounters proved to be not a lot of a change, and equally, bumping it up would not enhance the problem as a lot as you’ll anticipate. 

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Arguably the Game’s greatest constructive is its artwork type. The pixel artwork graphics are beautiful right here however utterly squandered. Chapters see you strolling from end-to-end with completely no change in the background. When some of the Game’s ranges can take round 20 minutes to finish, seeing the very same visuals as once you first jumped in is not supreme and would not do the sensible artwork type any justice. 


Way of the Passive Fist begins out sturdy with an fascinating idea, however that curiosity quickly wears off due to poor execution. Once you have performed the first chapter you have just about performed all 10 as there may be by no means any variation on supply. Combine this with the basic flaws of basing the gameplay purely round blocking and dodging and you’ve got a recipe for a promising and distinctive however finally disappointing Game. 

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