Video gaming’s bad parenting lessons – Reader’s Feature

Video gaming’s bad parenting lessons – Reader’s Feature

Video gaming’s bad parenting lessons - Reader’s Feature
The Last Of Us – is Joel dad?

A reader explains why you shouldn’t anticipate good parental recommendation from video , with a tongue-in-cheek take a look at Resident Evil and Tomb Raider.

Video can educate us loads about life. That is, if the query was whether or not or not you must shoot one thing within the face immediately (SPOILER: the reply is sure). But what about different much less shooty questions? What knowledge may we mine from video ? As an instance, I believed I might take a look at parenting recommendation. How to take care of a baby, educate it, and produce it up. So allow us to use a few years of gaming information to shine a light-weight on this downside, an issue as outdated as time itself…

Resident Evil and babysitting

Resident Evil is a good useful resource for instructing folks concerning the delicate artwork of kid rearing. Of the numerous nice examples I’m going to deal with Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 2, and her stellar dad and mom William and Annette Birkin. So, Bill and Annie are busy individuals, method too busy to take care of their weak 12-year-old extremely impressionable daughter. What was their noble process, you could ask? Well, it was the noble endeavour of bioengineering a lethal weaponised virus which threatens the very existence of mankind itself.

And how did they maintain this potential disaster secure? Why by fashioning it right into a snazzy pendant and giving it to their 12-year-old daughter! They did give her shot at survival by instructing Sherry exceptional vent climbing and working away expertise, as it’s a battle for two skilled legislation enforcement professionals to maintain a maintain of her.

One remaining parenting tip, as a mum don’t stand beneath badly balanced pipes in an earthquake state of affairs, or as a dad don’t mutate into an amorphous blob and pursue your daughter in a senseless act of destruction and demise. I can’t stress that final level sufficient.

Tomb Raider and instructing

Tomb Raider has taught me that good dads instil of their youngsters an insatiable starvation for information, which drives your treasured daughter onto larger and better heights. Even if that does appear type of pushy parenting. What you don’t need to do is go away your mansion strewn with half-discovered secrets and techniques of unfinished adventures after which go lacking.

This will go away your daughter with extra daddy points than Batman, and extra pushed ambition to unravel all of your mysteries than Sherlock Holmes on steroids. So instructing good, however going lacking bad.

Healthcare and The Last Of Us (spoilers)

The Last Of Us teaches loads about fatherhood, after a wobbly begin in fact. Joel’s second surrogate daughter Elle has an extended innings however in a hostile world inhabited by strolling fungi with perspective issues. Joel does an admirable job exhibiting Elle find out how to survive, and he or she demonstrates it on two events with huge aplomb. One event in a bar, which had me out of my chair, actually punching the air together with her diplomatic resolution to a tough state of affairs, and the second when she is left to fend for herself. Elle reveals her inherited mettle by procuring meals and sustaining shelter whereas Joel has a wee nap.

However, it’s not a cornucopia of excellent parenting examples, there’s that one time when Elle is in the course of an operation that Joel has some issues across the process and applies a reasonably extra ‘industrial’ resolution in the direction of a bunch of healthcare ‘professionals’. So good survival coaching, bad coping with healthcare. (Though I may need accomplished the identical factor.)

This might be what the hysterical tabloids suppose gamers suppose as they’re enjoying a Game, ‘I must go out and imitate as quickly as possible!’ Well, that’s not the case, and we’re often brilliant sufficient to have a look at for what they’re: items of interactive fiction with no extra life recommendation than Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein or Fight Club.

That’s to not say there’s no knowledge to be gleaned although and hopefully I’ve managed to open the door a crack to let a few of that gentle flood in, you’re very welcome world.

By reader Dieflemmy (gamertag/PSN ID/NN ID)

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