Time Recoil (PlayStation Vita) Review

Time Recoil (PlayStation Vita) Review

Time Rev 4

Time Recoil is a top-down, twin-stick shooter from 10tons, who’s well-versed on this style with the likes of Crimsonland, Neon Chrome, and Jydge. In Time Recoil you tackle the position of a insurgent member that has tremendous powers, enabling her to gradual time each time she will get a kill. Using your powers and wormholes you will need to journey again in time to cease evil dictator Mr. Time from utilizing his creation of mass destruction.  

The story is cut up between occasions: the current day and the previous. In the current is the place you get given your mission, be it an assassination, escort, or rescue mission. You will then enter a wormhole that may transport you to the extent up to now; it’s fairly a pleasant method of transitioning out and in of ranges. You will then need to work your method by means of this stage earlier than being warped again to the current.

Time Rev 2

Each stage is laid out equally to Hotline Miami, with a bunch of rooms accessible in all instructions and free roam to clear the rooms in whichever order you want to. The format isn’t the one similarity to Hotline Miami because the tempo of the Game is equally as quick as the previous. Although your superpower slows time it doesn’t truly gradual the tempo of the Game in any respect. With each kill comes a brief interval of gradual movement wherein it is important to get one other kill to increase its length, permitting you to proceed your stream of destruction with out interruption. The excellently fast-paced fight blended with the slow-motion time sequences make for some actually satisfying gun fights. Also with multi-kills you’ll earn a particular dash means permitting you to sprint by means of skinny partitions and enemies for additional mobility; this implies you are always calculating your subsequent transfer whereas additionally making an attempt to make sure you keep away from the bullets which can be heading straight towards you.      

The controls are quite simple for Time Recoil and it positively performs to its benefit. You use the two analogue sticks to maneuver and goal and use the triggers to shoot and sprint. The simplicity makes the title straightforward to select up and play in brief bursts, which regularly finish in lengthy play classes as a result of the Game has an addictive nature to it. You’ll fail a stage and simply need yet one more go at it and as an alternative find yourself enjoying till you beat it and several other others hours later.

Time Recoil does endure sometimes with the PS Vita’s efficiency, with the occasional framerate drop. The majority of the time it would run completely wonderful however when setting off explosions there’s positively a drop within the framerate. However that is solely a really minor concern that didn’t cease us from having fun with the Game.


Time Recoil is a strong twin-stick shooter and is certainly the perfect of 10tons’ earlier titles within the style. Its simplicity in each gameplay and controls imply it’s straightforward to select up and play at your personal leisure, making it an ideal match for the PS Vita. If you’re a fan of Hotline Miami, Neon Chrome, Jydge, or another twin-stick shooter for that matter, then Time Recoil is properly price your time.

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