The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia (PlayStation 4) Review

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia (PlayStation 4) Review

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The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia is the primary console adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins anime. Published by Bandai Namco and developed by Natsume Atari, Knights of Britannia is a combating Game at its core which follows the plot of the hit anime.

The Game has two modes: Adventure Mode and Duel Mode, which just about do what they are saying on the tin. Adventure Mode is the place you’ll play the story of the Game, and Duel Mode is the place you may merely battle both towards CPUs or different individuals utilizing native and on-line modes. Playing by Adventure Mode unlocks extra characters and arenas for Duel Mode as you enterprise into new cities, recruit members to your trigger, and new opponents. 

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Adventure Mode follows the story of the anime, which for many who aren’t aware of the supply materials centres round Elizabeth, a princess who seeks the assistance of the legendary Seven Deadly Sins to defeat the Holy Knights and liberate her kingdom of Liones. She ventures throughout Liones to recruit the Sins to her trigger, and is swiftly met by Meliodas, the Dragon Sin of Wrath, and his pig companion Hawk, and the trio embark on their quest to reunite the remainder of the Sins. 

Liones is cut up into a number of elements, and also you’ll should do quests to unlock the gates and enterprise into the subsequent space. Each space in Liones has a gossip degree, which that you must increase to unlock different quests. You do that by scoring extremely in battles and primarily destroying the stage to earn as many factors as attainable. This is an fascinating dynamic, which sadly feels prefer it’s very underdeveloped. It’s not likely a wrestle to earn gossip factors, or to maneuver on from every space, so you may progress by doing the naked minimal.

The complete Game feels very formulaic as you attain new cities and battle grunts to unlock new areas. Adding every member of the Seven Deadly Sins doesn’t give a lot selection aside from the battling types of these characters. The most exploration you may have is strolling from one map marker to a different; there’s no alternative to correctly discover the world of Liones which leaves issues feeling stale.

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The artwork type of the Game is interesting, with its cel-shaded characters. Everything appears simply because it does within the anime. However, battle levels do undergo from some framerate points, particularly in the event you destroy an excessive amount of of the atmosphere in a single go. What’s extra, cameras are notably disobedient, and locking onto an enemy precisely appears at occasions nigh-on unimaginable.

The characters don’t actually riff off one another in addition to they do within the anime both, and so none of the humour from the present is forthcoming. It’s actually disappointing, and dialogue looks like an afterthought to pad out the Game between its countless battle scenes.

Unlocking new abilities for characters is finished by working by a grid with power-ups and objects on it. You pay objects and cash for every part of the grid you need to unlock, after which equip these to your characters. The complete course of is gradual. It can take some time to unlock the quests that reward the required objects, and on the face of it looks like a easy system, however proves to be tedious and gradual. You can equip every talent to a number of characters, which at first looks like an oversight, however given how lengthy it takes to unlock every talent, it is in all probability a blessing.

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In all, Adventure Mode could be very linear and repetitive. There’s no scope to go off and really have an journey. Battles grow to be boring in a short time, particularly early on the place you solely have a couple of characters unlocked. Once you do ultimately unlock different characters, enjoying because the totally different Sins provides up one thing totally different a minimum of, with every Sin boasting their very own strengths and totally different powers. 

Some can take extra getting used to than others, however when you’ve unlocked the characters you may at all times observe in Duel Mode in the event you don’t need to be taught whilst you go in Adventure Mode. Attacks are cut up between gentle, heavy, and magic assaults, and mixing these with R1 performs a particular assault. You can fill a meter to ultimately carry out a particular assault.

Sadly, battling turns into stale shortly as there aren’t any combo strikes, so it’s extra a case of spamming every button when you be taught which strikes work greatest towards every enemy – it turns into tedious in a short time. You’ll additionally see little variation in quests as you’re given quest after quest to defeat a sure quantity of enemies inside a time restrict.


With such stellar supply materials, it’s an actual disgrace that The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia is so disappointing. What may have been an thrilling, humorous, and wealthy Game has turned out to be a boring expertise, providing nothing to gamers however repetition with little problem. 

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