Take this Battle Royale Survey, Win a $20 Amazon Gift Card

Take this Battle Royale Survey, Win a $20 Amazon Gift Card

Tell the developers behind Mavericks: Proving Grounds what you think of the game’s characters, then enter to win free loot!

There’s a plethora of Battle Royale games available, from Fortnite to PUBG, and if you’re a fan of the genre, we have an opportunity you may be interested in. Right now, there’s a new Battle Royale game in development called Mavericks: Proving Grounds, and the development team over at Automaton wants your feedback on its new game.

In exchange for completing a brief survey about Mavericks: Proving Grounds, you’ll enter a drawing to win a $20 Amazon gift card. Wondering what sort of questions are included in the survey? Well, most of them center around the game’s character designs, specifically the four different factions in the game.

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During the survey, you’ll see a character image for each of these factions. After reviewing the images, you’ll have the chance to tell the developers what you think. Write down your thoughts about the designs, and/or what you’d liked to see added to these characters. When you’re finished, you’ll enter a drawing where you have the chance to win that $20 Amazon gift card to spend however you’d like.

With Mavericks: Proving Grounds set to launch in its early testing phase soon, it’s important for the developers to learn more about what gamers prefer, especially with the four different faction designs. Look at it this way… you have the chance to shape what could turn out to be the next big thing in the battle royale genre. Who knows? The developers might read your feedback and then change how these characters look.

Imagine the shock on your friends’ faces when you tell them that a character looks a certain way because of what you jotted down in this survey! That said, please take the Mavericks survey today, and we wish you the best of luck in the drawing for the Amazon gift card! To learn more about Mavericks: Proving Grounds, check out the game’s official website, and watch the teaser trailer for the game.

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