Stranger Things: The Game Walkthrough – Forest Maze

Stranger Issues: The Game Walkthrough – Forest Maze

Stranger Issues: The Game is a 16-bit-styled journey within the vein of The Legend of Zelda. Gamers will tackle the function of quite a few the present’s principal characters as they discover the city of Hawkins and try to seek out their lacking buddies in addition to the reality concerning the newly showing entrances to the Upside Down.

We’ve already detailed the best way to discover all 40 Coronary heart Items all through Hawkins in addition to all the opposite collectible objects like Garden Gnomes and VHS Tapes. This walkthrough sequence will cowl the best way to beat every of the six principal dungeons that, in contrast to the additional collectibles talked about above, are required to truly full the Game.

Suiting Up


The Forest Maze is the second dungeon within the Game, and it turns into accessible after you full Hawkins Nationwide Laboratory. To entry the Maze, you’ll first have to get the Hazmat Swimsuit from the Morgue in Downtown Hawkins.


  • From the street leaving the Lab, head north into the Mirkwood Forest. Go east previous the Byers’ home, following the filth path north to a different street that exits at Steve’s home.
  • From Steve’s home, head due west alongside the street. You’ll cross a few homes and finally find yourself in downtown Hawkins, simply in entrance of the Morgue.


  • Contained in the Morgue, use Lucas to shoot the management panel behind the desk within the reception space.
  • Head into the room to the north and defeat the three rats. The Hazmat Swimsuit is within the northeast nook of this room.


The Upside Down

  • After getting the Hazmat Swimsuit, you possibly can head to the Forest Maze. Return to Steve’s home east of the Morgue.
  • From Steve’s home, take the filth path to the southeast.


  • There’s a fallen log blocking the northern path that results in the Forest Maze. It’s good to enter the spooky tree on the japanese a part of this space.
  • It will take you into the Upside Down. Whereas on this dimension, you’ll solely have entry to Hopper.


  • Within the first room of the Upside Down, there are three tentacles blocking the northern path. It’s good to punch the yellow egg-like object in order that it destroys all three tentacles when it explodes.
  • Stand proper of the egg and punch it left. Transfer subsequent to it and punch it left once more.
  • Then stand beneath it and punch it up in the direction of the tentacles. On the third punch, it’s going to explode, destroying all three.
  • In the event you punch the egg bomb the incorrect manner, simply hit it a complete of thrice to make it explode. After this, a brand new egg will spawn within the authentic location.


  • Head north by means of the trail you simply opened up. There are three extra tentacles on this display and two eggs.
  • Punch the egg on the precise up two occasions so it’s sitting subsequent to the big tree trunk.


  • Transfer again right down to the opposite egg and punch it left after which up so it’s sitting subsequent to 2 of the tentacles.
  • Return to the higher egg and punch it left in the direction of the tentacles. That is the third punch, so the egg will detonate.
  • This destroys the 2 tentacles closest to it and units off the opposite egg bomb, which is able to destroy the remaining tentacle. Exit by means of the tree trunk doorway you simply cleared.


  • You’ll emerge again within the regular world, simply left of a big doorway in a tree.
  • That is the doorway to the Forest Maze. Head inside.

The Forest Maze


  • There may be one guard within the entrance; defeat him to get a keycard. Stroll to the northern a part of this display.
  • There’s a locked gate with a bear simply inside. Open the gate with the keycard you simply picked up.


  • Change to Lucas. Stand subsequent to the gate however away from the doorway (stand in entrance of the orange signal on the gate). Shoot the beehive instantly to Lucas’s left.
  • The hive will fall and the bear will run out to eat the honey. Whereas he’s consuming, rapidly shoot the beehive to Lucas’s proper (on the opposite aspect of the timber).


  • The bear will run to the second beehive, breaking by means of the go online his manner and opening up the trail.
  • Head east by means of the now-broken tree trunk and undergo the southeast exit.


  • Stand subsequent to the birdhouse (#1) and assault it to interrupt it. Head again out the western doorway.


  • Take the northern path to the northeast exit. Head by means of the open gate and assault the bear lure to quickly shut it.
  • Stroll over the closed bear lure and take the southern exit.


  • There’s a inexperienced chest on this room; open it to get a keycard.
  • Head again north to the bear lure room. Preserve going north by means of the opposite doorway.


  • There are two guards and an owl on this room; defeat these enemies.
  • Head west by means of the keycard door.


  • You’ll be in an space with two locked gates seen (there are a complete of 4).
  • The primary objective of this dungeon is to seek out the management panels that can open these 4 gates, permitting you entry to the boss past them.
  • Proceed heading west.
  • This can be a lengthy room with two guards, a bear, a lure, and a fallen log.


  • Head to the northeast aspect of the room and defeat the guard with the gun.
  • Whilst you’re up there, assault the birdhouse (#2) to interrupt it.


  • Stroll again down and head west; hit the bear lure and stroll over it.
  • Defeat the guard previous the bear lure.
  • Whilst you’re down right here, head by means of the southwest exit.
  • You’ll emerge in a room the place the doorways robotically lock. Defeat the 2 enemies to open the doorways, then preserve heading west.


  • Within the subsequent room, there are two owls and a inexperienced chest. Defeat the owls, then open the chest to get a keycard.
  • Head again east and east once more to the room with the bear lure.
  • Head again up, capturing the bear lure to stroll previous it. Change to Lucas and anticipate the lure to reset.


  • When the lure opens once more, shoot it to shut it. Then shoot the beehive simply west of the bear lure.
  • The bear ought to run up and begin consuming the primary beehive.
  • Head again up the northeast path to the place the birdhouse was.


  • Shoot the beehive simply east of the bear lure. The bear ought to run over to it.
  • Shoot the ultimate beehive that’s north of the fallen log.
  • The bear will run to the beehive by means of the log, breaking it.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_23_ControlPanel1
  • Now you can stroll previous the place the log was. Head north and hit the management panel simply in entrance of the doorway.
  • This opens the primary gate in entrance of the boss’s room.
  • Exit by means of the northern doorway.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_24_ThreeOwls
  • There are three owls on this room and two bear traps. The doorways shut behind you once you enter.
  • It’s good to defeat the three owls to open the doorways. Lucas can shoot them once they’re perched within the timber, or you possibly can anticipate them to dive at you and hit them with Hopper.
  • As soon as the owls are defeated, head by means of the northern exit.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_VHSStep2
  • Defeat the guard close to the doorway to this room then head up by means of the northern exit.
  • You’ll emerge in a room with a gate, two guards, and an owl. Defeat all of the enemies.
  • Assault the birdhouse (#three) within the northeast nook to interrupt it.
  • Open the gate with the keycard you collected a number of rooms again and head by means of the western exit.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_VHSStep3
  • This room incorporates VHS Tape #2. Decide it up, then head again by means of the japanese exit.
  • Undergo the southeastern exit to return to the room with the bear.
  • Break the bush simply northeast of the bear and stand within the small hole right here. Change to Lucas.
  • Shoot the beehive simply left of the place you’re standing. The bear will run as much as it.
  • Shoot the opposite beehive excellent of the place you’re standing (previous the small fallen log).
  • The bear will run to the second beehive, breaking the small go online the higher path.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_27_BeehiveCorner
  • After the bear breaks the small log, he resets to his authentic place.
  • Transfer previous the place the log simply was. Break the bush within the nook and stand there as Lucas.
  • Shoot the bear lure within the southwest nook.
  • Shortly shoot the beehive simply southeast of Lucas (Lucas can shoot over the rock partitions).
  • The bear will run over the lure and to the fallen beehive, breaking the go online the decrease path.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_28_ThirdBeehive
  • Because the bear is operating, shoot the ultimate beehive on this space, simply northeast of the place Lucas is standing.
  • The bear will run up, breaking the ultimate log on this room.
  • Stroll previous the 2 logs the bear simply broke and hit the management panel within the northeast nook of the room. This opens the second boss gate.
  • Head by means of the northern exit.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_29_LogNoBear
  • This room has a big log to the precise and two exits close to the northwest.
  • Take the western exit.
  • You’ll be in a protracted room with two distinct sides separated by a gate. There may be an immune guard blocking entry to a inexperienced chest close to the middle of the room.
  • Head north previous the immune guard to the place a bear is standing. There are two owls up right here; defeat them.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_31_GatedBearPuzzleStep1
  • Stand within the nook simply southeast of the bear, proper above a beehive.
  • Change to Lucas and shoot the beehive straight beneath you.
  • Because the bear runs to the primary beehive, shoot the hive simply northwest of the immune guard and inexperienced chest. It is going to fall behind the guard.
  • The bear will run to the second beehive and kill the immune guard within the course of.
  • Now you can attain the inexperienced chest. Open it for a keycard.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_32_GatedBearPuzzleStep2
  • Head south and hit the bear lure; preserve going south and open the keycard gate.
  • Defeat the owl and guard on the opposite aspect of the gate.
  • Return to the east aspect of the room, going by means of the open gate. Hit the bear lure and stroll up over it.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_33_GatedPuzzleStep3
  • Stand subsequent to the inexperienced chest as Lucas. Shoot the beehive proper subsequent to the bear lure.
  • The bear will run right down to the honey. Whereas he’s operating shoot the beehive west of the gate.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_34_GatedPuzzleFinalStep
  • As quickly as you shoot this beehive, head northeast from the inexperienced chest, as much as the place the bear was initially standing.
  • Shoot the beehive on the northwest aspect of the room, instantly north of the fallen log.
  • The bear will run as much as the beehive, breaking the log within the course of.
  • Now you can head again down, by means of the gate, and north to the northwest exit.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_35_NancyFound
  • Nancy is ready on this room together with a single guard with a gun. Take out the guard after which speak to Nancy.
  • She’ll be part of your celebration; Nancy’s bat permits her to interrupt cracked logs and partitions.
  • Use Nancy to interrupt the go online the east aspect of this room. Hit the management panel past it to open the third boss gate. Head again out the japanese exit.
  • Return south, by means of the gate, and out the japanese exit of this room. You’ll be again within the room with the big log.
  • Take the northern exit.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_36_Birdhouse4
  • Once you enter the following room, the doorways robotically shut. Defeat the gunman and two owls to open the doorways once more.
  • Earlier than you permit, break the birdhouse (#four) on the northeast aspect of the room.
  • Take the northwest exit.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_37_GunmanOwlsNarrow
  • Watch out within the subsequent room; the gunman can shoot you thru the rock wall and it’s powerful to dodge the owls’ dives on the slender pathways. Break open bushes for hearts should you’re operating low.
  • Head to the northern exit simply above the place you entered.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_38_KeycardNorth
  • There are two owls and a gunman on this room, together with a inexperienced chest. Take out the enemies, then open the chest to get a keycard.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_39_SoMuchSouth
  • Return out the southern exit, and south once more. Go south by means of the room with the big log and southeast previous the management panel we already hit.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_40_SouthGate
  • You’ll enter a room with a locked gate; open it with the keycard you simply collected.
  • Head by means of the gate and out the southern exit.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_41_LockedRoom
  • Within the subsequent room, the doorways robotically shut behind you. Defeat the 2 owls and two guards to open them once more.
  • Head out the southeastern exit.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_42_TwoPaths
  • This subsequent room has three owls and two southern exits. Defeat the owls, then take the southeastern exit.
  • The boss battle for the Forest Maze is towards six Forest Ambushers. Every is a guard with a nightstick and a big defend defending him.
  • Nancy must knock the defend off every guard in an effort to make him susceptible to assaults. You’ll be able to both give attention to the guards one after the other or use Nancy to bash a bunch of shields off, then retreat to a nook and let Lucas shoot them from a secure distance.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_50_AmbushersLineUp
  • When the guards line up on one aspect of the room, this is a perfect time to shoot any guards with out shields with Lucas or to make use of Nancy to bash the guard closest to you as he runs previous.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_51_TwoAmbushersRemaining
  • When there are solely two Ambushers remaining, they are going to break up aside to totally different sides of the map. Use Nancy to rapidly bash every one individually till he falls.StrangerThingsTheGame_Walkthrough_Dungeon2ForestMaze_52_ForestMazeComplete
  • After the 2 final Ambushers are defeated, they are going to drop Eggo #2. Decide it as much as full the Forest Maze dungeon. You study that your subsequent vacation spot is the Center Faculty.

Secrets and techniques

There are two areas you possibly can’t entry throughout your first journey by means of the Forest Maze. Each require Will to be in your celebration.


  • Secret #1 – With Will, return to the doorway of the Forest Maze. Go northeast after which southeast to discover a room with a pipe. Enter the pipe to emerge in a small clearing with Garden Gnome #2, Bumble.


  • Secret #2 – With Will, return to the westernmost room that had a inexperienced chest with a keycard (that we used to get to the VHS Tape). From the doorway, go northeast, northeast, west, west, southwest, and west. There’s a pipe on this room; enter it to discover a chest with Coronary heart Piece #13.

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