Should you buy a PSVR headset in Black Friday 2018?

Should you buy a PSVR headset in Black Friday 2018?

Is this year the time to dive headfirst into the world of PSVR?

Ahh, VR. Despite an exciting, novel and impressive premise, the tech has never quite made it in the mainstream. While that’s in part due to a difficulty in selling the experience to those who haven’t tried it, it’s hard to ignore the much larger hurdle of VR’s prohibitively high price tag. Sony’s PSVR is undoubtedly the cheapest of the bunch, but even that will set you back a good $200, and that’s without taking into account the cost of the camera and various controller peripherals you may also want.

Thank goodness then that Black Friday offers to chance to nab yourself some expensive gaming gear at a reduced price! PSVR has had a pretty decent year when it comes to interesting new launches, but is Black Friday 2018 the time to splash your cash? In this article we’ll take a quick look at whether picking up a PSVR headset it worth it in Black Friday 2018, as well as what deals you should expect to see.

Is Black Friday 2018 the time to buy a PSVR headset?

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Unfortunately, the short answer on this one is still maybe. If you haven’t had the chance to test out VR at an event or on of your rich friends’ houses, it’s hard to describe the experience, or even whether you’ll enjoy it. VR is an exciting new way to experience games, but bear in mind that many players suffer badly from motion sickness while playing, though many games now offer additional features to help combat this. We highly recommend finding an opportunity to try VR out for yourself first to see if it’s up your alley or not.


If you are interested, the good news is that prices have been steadily coming down for the gear, meaning it’s approaching an affordable price range even without discounts. Do remember though that if you don’t already own a Playstation Camera, you’ll need one of those too to get it working. All in all it’s still an expensive purchase, but if you’ve been tempted for a while then this year is looking like a decent one to invest based on price along. However, no gaming system is complete without the games to go with it, so let’s take a look at what you can expect on that front

The PSVR Catalogue

PSVR’s list of titles for fortunately blessed early in its life with a decent level of support which led to the excellent Resident Evil 7 getting a full VR adaption, as well as short but sweet experiences like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Superhot VR and Batman: Arkham VR. The system isn’t flooded with excellence, but there’s plenty to keep your eyes (and arms if you grab the Move controllers) busy for some time.

While stellar titles aren’t exactly flying out of the woodwork, this year has seen a number of excellent additions. Released late in 2017, DOOM VFR is a cheap and well produced arena experience, and the adorably sweet action puzzle-platformer Moss will be hard to resist for any would-be buyers. The best thing about 2018’s launches is the sheer variety of game types. Sprint Vector is a thrilling combat racer that sees you skating round courses, while Beat Saber is the closest thing to a VR guitar hero we’ve seen, asking you to slice and dice approaching blocks in time to hyperactive electronic beats. Shooter fans have also been given a treat too in the form of Firewall Zero Hour’s excellent Rainbow Six: Siege style multiplayer.

Enjoy seeing this in VR... © Capcom
Enjoy seeing this in VR… © Capcom

Does VR have a future?

The biggest concern when putting down a hefty wodge of cash on new tech is whether or not it’ll actually be supported in future. VR hasn’t seen the explosion of success many proponents had hoped for, but at least for the time being there’s plenty to look forward to on the PSVR. Just around the corner (and notably before Black Friday sales) is Tetris Effect. A visual feast that finds new ways to experience and enjoy the classic game. In 2019 we’ll be getting FromSoftwares’ Déraciné, and you don’t need us to tell you that anything from the Bloodborne developers is well worth watching. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown will offer high octane dogfights, while Dreams’ open-ended creativeness will let users provide new games to play for years to come. The short of it is that, at least for now, PSVR has plenty to keep you occupied in the months to come.

So, should you buy a PSVR headset in Black Friday 2018? The answer to that really comes down to how much you’re willing to spend. PSVR has a healthy selection of games for you to enjoy, but it remains a costly purchase, and one that not all players will be able to enjoy for extended periods. If you’ve been saving up and waiting for your chance, the filled out games backlog and reduced price may make Black Friday 2018 your perfect chance.

What PSVR deals to expect from Black Friday 2018

© Sony Interactive Entertainment
© Sony Interactive Entertainment

At the time of last year’s Black Friday sales, the base PSVR headset would have cost you around $399, not including the bundle with the camera. Discounts brought that down just $199, but with the base headset now only $220 at full price, we’re expecting to see it drop even further, ideally closer to $150.

The real sales to look for this year are the bundles, as most PSVR sets will come packaged a game and or the PSVR camera. Last year the Grand Turismo Sport bundle was the only real contender, but with a wider range of games available, keep your eye out for any combined packs that fall to $250 or lower.

If you’re picking up the headset, Black Friday is also the perfect chance to grab a number of the older games for it at dirt cheap prices. New releases may be tempting, but we’d recommend looking for cheap copies of DOOM VFR, Batman: Arkham VR and Resident Evil 7. Of course, it’s also worth remembering that the PlayStation Move and Aim controllers will also be reduced if you’re on the lookout for some extras.

We’ll be updating this article with all the Black Friday 2018 PSVR sales as and when they’re revealed, so check back again in the coming weeks to see what sellers like WalMart, Best Buy and Target are offering this year.

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