Review: Destiny 2: Warmind (PS4)

Review: Destiny 2: Warmind (PS4)

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Destiny 2 is in a barely higher place than it was when the awkwardly common Curse of Osiris launched late final yr, however that does not imply Warmind will be let off the hook. This second enlargement is one other missing effort from a crew that appears worryingly bereft of attention-grabbing concepts. Much like Osiris, Warmind marks one other disappointing low for Bungie’s shooter.

These “smaller” Destiny expansions simply do not appear to work — not less than, not after they’re priced at $20 a pop. They did not work for the unique Destiny they usually’re not working for Destiny 2 — they usually at all times appear to battle with the identical points.

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The contemporary story content material in Warmind might as effectively be non-existent. It barely pushes the general narrative ahead, providing a plot that appears to finish on a purposefully imprecise observe, as if the writers did not need to decide to something too vital. The threadbare story strings a collection of decidedly bland missions, however not less than there are a few cool boss fights alongside the way in which.

As per ordinary, there are little glimmers of greatness all through Warmind, however the remainder of it simply feels so uninspired. This new rendition of Mars, full with ice-capped sand dunes, makes for an inviting backdrop, however then it is simply full of the identical outdated enemies that we have shot within the head numerous instances earlier than.

There’s some extent close to the start of the marketing campaign the place your Ghost feedback on the enlargement’s “new” enemy sort — the Frozen Hive. “I’ve never seen Hive like this before,” Nolan-bot remarks, although apart from just a few contemporary gimmicks — greater Knights with shields! — the Frozen Hive behave precisely like common Hive. It’s nearly parody.

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But we’re being a bit cynical right here. Like we are saying, Warmind does have shiny spots — we simply want that there have been extra of them. The new Strikes are all strong additions to the co-op playlist, even when the story marketing campaign quite shamefully reuses them. Likewise, the brand new weapons and numerous exotics that we have managed to nab have all entertained, and as at all times, it is easy to understand the Game’s artwork crew because of some beautiful environmental views.

Unsurprisingly, Warmind performs it secure throughout the board, however there may be one new addition that looks as if a good step ahead. Escalation is a sort of horde mode that may be triggered as you are casually exploring the floor of Mars. Any gamers who occur to be shut by can take part as you fend off waves of Hive whereas finishing primary aims. On paper it is fairly easy, and it observe it is effectively executed. Later waves can present an actual problem, and since greater than six gamers can participate within the carnage, it at all times feels fairly hectic and thrilling. Of course, it stays to be seen whether or not Escalation will ultimately put on skinny.

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Overall, we’re not totally certain if Warmind is a greater enlargement than Curse of Osiris. Again, Destiny 2 as an entire is in a greater place than it was in December, however this will result in Warmind receiving extra reward than it arguably deserves. From the place we’re sitting, it repeats lots of the identical errors as Curse of Osiris — it is simply that within the present local weather, they’re that a lot simpler to forgive.

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