Review: All-Star Fruit Racing (PS4)

Review: All-Star Fruit Racing (PS4)

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With arcade racing nearly extinct on PS4, the time is ripe for a superb quaint kart racer, and so far as ideas go, fruit is a surprisingly good match for the style. We’ll try to maintain this pithy: All-Star Fruit Racing pits fruit-themed characters in races via fruit-themed tracks in fruit-themed automobiles. Is it a candy success, or will it go away you with a bitter style in your mouth?

One side of the Game that stands out is the vivid, cheerful presentation. A vibrant artwork type goes some method to making the visuals pop, however underwhelming character fashions upset the apple cart. They’re not a memorable bunch, and another odd design selections have wormed their manner in, akin to tracks that includes dinosaurs, pirates, and different out-of-place archetypes. The graphics on show right here appear slightly under-ripe, too, with a common lack of polish permeating the Game.

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The kart racer is segmented into offline and on-line play. Offline is after all the place you will discover the profession mode, which consists of various cups that’ll grant you unlockable characters and extra if you win them. There are additionally your customary single race and time assault modes, in addition to championship modes that allow you to create your individual grand prix-style occasions. In the storage, it’s also possible to customise your automobile to fit your tastes with winnable beauty objects. It’s all fairly simple stuff, and it offers sufficient for you and as much as three pals to sink your tooth into.

On the monitor, the racing nearly will get the job performed. It’s your typical kart racer: dealing with is extraordinarily arcadey, drifting nets you a brief pace enhance, and rigorous rubber-banding rears its ugly head. What provides slightly flavour is the juicer power-up system. Littered throughout the tracks are five varieties of collectables: watermelon, cherries, kiwi, blackberry, and banana. The first four will every construct up their very own meters — the banana contributes to all of them without delay — and these separate meters all give you totally different talents as soon as crammed.

The twist right here is that, in case you fill a couple of meter, the power-ups will mix to make a souped-up model. Filling all four meters offers you your chosen character’s distinctive final means, which differ from a strawberry-powered pace enhance to a pineapple rocket launcher. What’s extra, you’ll be able to micro-manage which powers you need by enabling and disabling your crammed meters, supplying you with entry to all kinds of power-ups to select from. Oddly sufficient, not all races use this novel system, with some falling again on randomised pick-ups.

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Elsewhere, the Game does falter a good quantity. Track design is in all places, for one — some are enjoyable to race round whereas others are dreadful — and a poor UI could make issues more durable than they must be. Framerate seems to be unlocked, nevertheless it swings wildly from 60 within the menus to south of 30 in races. As a package deal, it is a title that bears all of the options you’d anticipate, nevertheless it underwhelms in most areas. It’s not the worst kart racer on the earth, nevertheless it’s removed from a peach.

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