Ravenmark – PC Game Review

Ravenmark – PC Game Review

By Rick Martin

Ravenmark – Scourge of Estellion PC Game Review.  Publisher: Witching Hour Studio Price  $14.99 (STEAM)

Passed Inspection: Detailed absolutely developed fantasy world. Easy to make use of tactical fight controls. Excellent tutorials and reference supplies. FUN!!!

Failed Basic:  Slightly too simple for models to disengage from fight.

Witching Hour Studio of Singapore has launched a basic fantasy conflict Game with the STEAM launch of their new Game Ravenmark – Scourge of Estellion!  This Game is a comply with as much as Witching Hour’s Ravenmark Mercenaries multi-player conflict Game from 2013 however it expands that Game with a a lot stronger narrative component and glorious AI.

The beneficial system necessities for Ravenmark – Scourge of Estellion are as follows:

OS: Windows XP SP2+ / Vista / 7 / 8

Processor: Intel P4/AMD Athlon XP or higher

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Graphics: Open GL 1.5 Compatible Graphic Card

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Storage: 732 MB accessible area

On first look, Ravenmark – Scourge of Estellion jogs my memory of a mixture between “Game of Thrones” and the Japanese animated video sequence “Heroic Legends of Arslan”.  The setting of the Game is Eclisse, a land beset by battle.  The Empire of the Raven (also referred to as the Empire of Estellion) is making an attempt to keep up its grip on the land however a nation to the South, Kaysan, a nation dominated by spiritual zealots, is main a coalition of people and swamp elves to attempt to conquer the land to the North, Estellion.

The Game is a flip based mostly technique Game with every unit representing a number of hundred combatants often led by a “heroic” chief.  Each unit is rated for the skills of its chief plus the unit sort which may embrace infantry, cavalry, pole armed forces or ranged forces which may embrace bowmen and even primitive rifle males.  Each unit can be rated for its assault energy, defensive energy, hit factors and motion pace.  Terrain can have an effect on motion pace as can the unit’s stage of readiness from glorious situation to exhaustion.  In addition to people, the models will be Elves, Halflings and different anticipated fantasy races.

For these accustomed to infantry techniques, most of the previous tips can be utilized to assist your forces safe victory.  As anticipated, terrain performs a significant operate in every battle.  Terrain is ranked for elevation plus terrain sorts embrace forests, swamps, roads, hills and even castles and cities.  When combating, attempt to maintain the excessive floor as a lot as potential.  Try and outflank your enemy whereas not being outflanked your self.  Form your strains properly with bowmen and riflemen being set to the rear of melee models.

Combat may be very simple to be taught with a click on on a unit brining up choices together with attacking, transferring, utilizing particular skills, altering formations, wheeling formations, and many others.  Speaking of formations, infantry models will be made to alter in to a line formation with a view to lock their shields for optimum defensive bonuses.  When the entire models have been given orders, click on on the choice to play a flip.  A pleasant “undo” operate is supplied for curbing pricey errors earlier than the flip performs by means of.  In addition, if you happen to lose a key battle, the Game means that you can replay and take a look at once more to win.

While tactical fight is the guts of the Game, animated cutaway sequences let the gamers know what is occurring at dwelling and overseas plus conversations between numerous heroes permits the gamers to maintain abreast of the wealthy story telling that this Game represents.

It is, the truth is, these story telling components which elevate this Game from merely being a tactical and strategic fight Game to a tour de pressure of fantasy function taking part in narrative gaming.  The music, the sound results, the paintings, all contribute to creating this extraordinarily compelling Game universe.  It is a pleasure when all of those components coalesce to kind a Game which is extra than simply the sum of its components.

To assist obtain this robust narrative, Ravenmark – Scourge of Estellion, additionally gives an in Game atlas of the identified world in addition to a really intensive “codex” of data concerning the world, the international locations, the factions, the heroes and villains, the creatures, the magic, even the climate and holidays are all coated.

I hope that Ravenmark – Scourge of Estellion turns into the hit it actually deserves to be and, I for one, hope that the franchise can develop in to a pc function taking part in Game which permits us to additional discover the complexities of this whole fantasy world.

The solely destructive remake I could make about this nice Game is that, at instances, it appears too simple for melee models to disengage with their enemies after which maneuver on the battlefield.

Aside for this minor criticism, I can say that I really love this Game.  Onward to victory my pals – journey to glory! Viva Ravenmark – Scourge of Estellion!

Armchair General Rating:  99 %

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