QUBE 2 (PlayStation 4) Review

QUBE 2 (PlayStation 4) Review

Qube Rev 1

QUBE 2 is the sequel to QUBE: Director’s Cut, the very nicely obtained puzzle Game from Toxic Games that launched on PlayStation 4 again in 2015. The story for QUBE 2 follows on from its predecessor, besides this time with one other character taking over the lead function. You play as Amelia Cross an archaeologist who has awoken inside this bizarre dice construction containing puzzles with no reminiscence of how or why she is there. It’s your job to finish these puzzles led by the voice of Emma – a scientist who beforehand helped cease this dice construction from taking up the Earth – with the intention to regain your reminiscence and uncover the reality behind this mysterious construction.

Qube Rev 5

QUBE stands for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, which precisely describes the puzzles you’ll encounter all through the Game. In every one you’ll be manipulating blocks with the intention to progress by means of numerous rooms. There are a number of methods in which you’ll be able to manipulate cubes and that is completed by means of altering their color. If you color a dice blue it’s going to launch you into the air when jumped on, if you happen to color a dice crimson it may be prolonged to create a platform, or if you happen to color one inexperienced it’s going to spawn one other dice to the facet of it. Using a mixture of those colors it’s essential to navigate your approach to the exit in every room.

The puzzles are very pleasant and progress steadily in problem by including numerous new options alongside the best way. The easiest puzzles require you to put a blue block all the way down to bounce on after which a crimson one to increase a platform to land on. However as soon as within the later ranges there are loads of new parts added to combine issues up and add extra complexity. Slippery goo might be positioned on blocks to make them slide, flamethrowers that can be utilized together with the flammable goo to ignite blocks, and the record goes on and on. Although there’s loads of new gadgets to get used to compared to the Game’s first outing, they’re unfold equally throughout the six hour marketing campaign and are simply picked up and realized. The huge quantity of further parts make the puzzles each tougher and lengthier on the similar time because of the further thought required to determine their options.

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The Game could be very linear as you observe a set path with a narrated story though when inside the puzzle chambers there is a little more freedom. Many of the puzzles have a couple of manner through which to resolve them and due to this fact you’ve got free roam to mess around and determine it out for your self. There isn’t a lot by way of hints if you happen to get caught though we discovered the problem to be good, by no means as soon as getting overly annoyed with the Game. When we did get caught we discovered it was greatest simply to take a break and return with a recent thoughts.

The sound and visuals for QUBE 2 are excellently polished. The visuals are vibrant and clear and do a fantastic job of highlighting the areas of the room which are designed to be interacted with. The sound consists of primarily atmosphere however is excellently built-in to create a really lonely environment particularly if you enter a number of the larger puzzle chambers.  


QUBE 2 is an impressive and pleasant puzzle Game that builds upon its predecessor in all the suitable methods, with a lengthier run-time, extra advanced puzzles, new parts and lovely visuals. Although not as modern as Portal, QUBE 2 is a step above the remainder in each high quality and amount and shouldn’t be ignored.

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