My Tamagotchi Forever evolution guide: How to evolve your Tamagotchi at every stage

My Tamagotchi Forever evolution information: How to evolve your Tamagotchi at every stage

One of essentially the most fundamental joys of My Tamagotchi Forever is watching your Tamagotchi develop and evolve into new varieties. There’s one thing very satisfying about nurturing it and turning it from child to toddler to teen to grownup, as there’s with any digital pet Game or app. However, this one has a leg up on many others just because the Tamagtochis are so totally different, and let’s face it, so darn cute.

While evolution from one stage to one other in My Tamagotchi is among the greatest components of the Game, many gamers have questions on how to get them to evolve into a selected kind, particularly since extra Tamagotchis have been added to the Game since launch. As it seems, there’s a means to management which kind you’ll obtain within the subsequent stage of evolution, and all of it has to do with what you feed your pet at the earlier stage.

Let’s break all of it down, stage by stage in our My Tamagotchi Forever evolution information.


There are at the moment three child varieties, and alas, because you don’t feed an egg, you don’t have any say over which child you’ll get. Just make an providing to the RNG gods, we suppose.

Here are the three infants, every of which seem to have an equal probability at showing:

  • Futabtachi
  • Omututchi
  • Mimifuwatchi


Any toddler Tamagotchi may be developed from any child, which is among the nicer elements of the Game. Again, what’s vital is what you feed your child Tamagotchi, as that determines the evolution into the toddler stage. It ought to take roughly four hours to develop a child right into a toddler.

  • Hoshitchi – Feed your child nothing (when you’re a jerk!), fruit or snacks
  • Meganetchi – Feed your child greens
  • Mizutamatchi – Feed your child seafood
  • Puchitchi – Feed your child sweets

My Tamagotchi ForeverMy Tamagotchi Forever


There are at the moment six totally different teen varieties in My Tamagotchi Forever after updates to the Game made in the course of the summer season of 2018. Evolution from toddler to teen ought to take about 36 hours.

  • Eriitchi – Feed your toddler sweets
  • Haretchi – Feed your toddler seafood
  • Hinatchi – Feed your toddler greens
  • Mokokotchi – Feed your toddler snacks
  • Nikatchi – Feed your toddler fruits
  • Soyofuwatchi – Feed your toddler meats


It takes three days to evolve a teen Tamagotchi into an grownup, providing you with loads of time to ensure you are feeding it the proper meals to get it to the stage you’d like to see.

  • Chamametchi – Feed your teen a mixture of seafood and fruit
  • Gozarutchi – Special circumstances; see beneath
  • Kuchipatchi – Feed your teen principally junk meals
  • Kuromametchi – Feed your teen a mixture of meat and fruits
  • Lovelitchi – Feed your teen a mixture of sweets and meats
  • Mametchi – Feed your teen a mixture of seafood and meats
  • Memetchi – Feed your teen a mixture of snacks and fruits
  • Sebiretchi – Feed your teen a mixture of fruits and snacks

How to evolve a teen Tamagotchi into Gozarutchi

The ninja-esque Gozarutchi is a cool-looking Tamagotchi that has additionally given gamers suits making an attempt to evolve it. As it seems, there are a number of methods to assist make sure you evolve your teen into one, with an important one first:

  • Place the Training Course merchandise in TamaTown. From all accounts, it’s unimaginable to evolve a Gozarutchi with out the Training Course.
  • Feed your teen a mixture of seafood and greens.
  • Keep your teen’s vitality within the inexperienced at all instances.

This is probably the trickiest process you’ll have in My Tamagotchi Forever, so better of luck. And when you discovered this text helpful, ensure to learn our different guides, together with our superior tips and tips about how to play without cost.

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