Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Farewell – Full Season Review

Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Farewell – Full Season Review

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a love letter to the authentic Life is Strange, and Farewell is the builders signing it with a flourish. It’s not a prequel collection that actually wanted to exist, nor is it one which provides an excellent deal to the world or the authentic Game, nevertheless it’s so properly accomplished that I’m nonetheless glad it was made. I completed it over the weekend, completed Farewell yesterday, and I’m nonetheless internalising quite a lot of it. I believe that claims one thing. It additionally in all probability says that this’ll be a confused mishmash of ideas and feelings, as a result of that’s what Life is Strange does to me.

Where Life is Strange targeted on Max Caulfield’s return to Arcadia Bay, the rekindling of her friendship with college dropout Chloe Price, and their investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Rachel Amber, Before the Storm takes a have a look at a interval a number of years earlier than this. Chloe is nonetheless reeling from the demise of her father and the absence of Max whereas coping with life at Blackwell Academy… and then the common, vibrant Rachel Amber steps into her life.

And then, come Life is Strange

That, actually, is the focus right here: exploring simply who Rachel Amber was, and what she meant to Chloe, in addition to investigating Chloe’s personal evolution into the particular person we first met in Life is Strange. It’s additionally an opportunity to see some previous mates and locations in a brand new gentle, as this time round our information isn’t the shy and optimistic Max, however the caustic and indignant Chloe. Where Max checked out Arcadia Bay with some extent of fondness and nostalgia, for Chloe, it’s a jail of bitter reminiscences that she’s determined to flee.

Mechanically, issues are largely the similar as in Life is Strange‘s preliminary season. All the primary mechanics of strolling, speaking, analyzing, fixing very uncommon puzzles, and making actually uncomfortable choices are in place. Max’s pictures – the little bonus collectibles – have been changed with Chloe’s trusty graffiti pen. The largest change is that Chloe doesn’t have Max’s time-warping powers.

Instead, Chloe has a “Backtalk” capacity, which lets her enrage/confuse/bluff/usually argue with folks by speaking shit at them. It capabilities equally to Monkey Island‘s Insult Swordfighting in that you have to listen to what your opponent says and pick a response that plays off their words, rather than just whatever might seem the most logical. It’s enjoyable, although minor, and it doesn’t actually play into the Game’s story or plot in any respect. A neat gimmick mechanic, however one which works with Chloe’s nature.

Yes. Yes, that is undoubtedly a ability you could have.

Still, mechanics aren’t the cause you’re more likely to play Before the Storm. You’re going to play it due to the story, the characters, and the little moments that jerk your heartstrings or convey an enormous sloppy grin to your face. And – whereas it focuses on a way more small-scale story than Life is Strange did – Before the Storm nonetheless manages to excel at doing these things.

Pretty a lot each episode (every clocking in at round three hours, assuming you examine and work together with all the things) has at the least one second I’d love to speak about intimately, however I’ll resist as laborious as I can as a result of half of the pleasure is seeing these things unfold by itself. The just one I’ll briefly point out is the solely optionally available D&D-esque Game you may get Chloe to play in the first episode, as I believe I’ve talked about that earlier than. Purely by way of dialog, you roleplay your method by way of a camp of enemies… and, as with just about all the things else, this glorious little excerpt each foreshadows future occasions, and is known as again to in later episodes. This is the form of Game the place tiny little segments like this may wind up having an even bigger impression than you’d anticipate.

As Before the Storm goes on, we begin to see precisely how Chloe evolves into what we see in Life is Strange: the blue hair, the associations with shady characters, her points with Blackwell…

Before the Storm made me smile. I wasn’t smiling at it, as with so many games; I wasn’t smiling at the jokes or the snark or the little continuity nods. I used to be smiling with it, as a result of it’s an expertise that – even in its darkest moments – makes you are feeling like part of it. And whereas it by no means will get as darkish or as highly effective Life is Strange, it has some moments of actually staggering emotional sway nonetheless.

I’m skirting round quite a lot of points just because I don’t wish to spoil the Game, however there are just a few specifics I actually ought to give. Where Life is Strange lays its give attention to a lacking particular person and Max’s supernatural powers, Before the Storm focuses extra on households from completely different ends of the spectrum. Chloe is poor, has a deceased father, and loathes her mom’s boyfriend. But Rachel’s seemingly excellent household – rich, prosperous, upper-class – additionally has its share of darkish secrets and techniques, and the method the two bond is solely plausible. (Both games additionally share a seemingly supernatural catastrophe that ties into the Game’s occasions, though in Before the Storm it’s extra a background occasion than a portent of impending doom.)

If Before the Storm can be utilized as a benchmark, then Deck Nine have the similar aptitude for creative course and scene-setting as Dontnod did with the authentic season.

One of my favorite issues about the collection is the method that Life is Strange has all the time allowed for various character interpretations, and this is considered one of the few issues I believe Before the Storm really does higher than its predecessor, at the least with reference to Rachel. Life is Strange confirmed tender and caring sides to virtually all of its extra hateful and snobbish characters, and excelled at making you despise somebody and then step by step serving to you perceive them and see one other aspect to them.

Before the Storm is… completely different, particularly as a result of if you happen to’ve performed Life is Strange (and it’s best to have accomplished so), you then’ve already found rather a lot about Rachel. When taking part in Before the Storm, it’s potential to see Rachel as a free spirit who has a reliable love for and kinship with Chloe, however possibly doesn’t solely suppose issues by way of. It’s additionally solely potential to see her as a manipulative and expert liar with a darker aspect, vulnerable to sudden outbursts and irrational behaviour – particularly whenever you keep in mind a few of the revelations about her from the authentic collection. There’s no “right answer” given. I’ve my very own opinion on who she “really” is, deep down. You may disagree, and you’d be fairly justified in doing so.

Ah! Parental, um… “approval.”

Its prequel nature works in opposition to it as usually as it really works for it, although. There are some issues which are destined to occur, and there’s completely nothing you are able to do about it. As an instance, Before the Storm has Joyce and David Madsen (Chloe’s mom and stepfather) getting nearer. Depending in your decisions, you’ll be able to even have Chloe and David resolve a few of their points and discover frequent floor… however come Life is Strange, they’re nonetheless going to be estranged. It doesn’t make these moments much less emotionally impactful, nevertheless it does lend a way of futility to issues.

Mind you, I all the time thought that Life is Strange‘s overriding theme was of fatalism against free will. Without Max’s time-changing powers being in play, right here, I suppose the proven fact that some issues are “set” is solely applicable.

While fatalism and so on. isn’t actually the theme right here, there is an overriding analogy to The Tempest, notably with reference to a few of the characters and conditions. It’s alluded to recurrently (each episode title, for one factor) and considered one of the large occasions that surrounds the whole collection is Blackwell Academy’s manufacturing of that very play. I nonetheless kinda suppose that having the play in the Game is a bit on-the-nose, however that specific second is so fantastically properly accomplished that I’m greater than prepared to forgive it for a scarcity of subtlety.

Chloe stays endlessly cautious – and sometimes a bit too indirect – along with her phrase decisions. She simply doesn’t do bluntness.

Alas, having sure issues set in stone due to Life is Strange leads to some continuity snarls, particularly with regards to returning characters. As a minor instance, Life is Strange exhibits Chloe assembly quite a few characters for what is closely implied to be the first time, whereas Before the Storm establishes that she already knew them beforehand. These are unlikely to trouble anybody apart from the most ardent followers, although, and a good few of them will be plausibly hand-waved away.

And then… properly, the different bits. A good few strains of dialogue are both weakly written or delivered in a reasonably stilted method, though Rhianna DeVries does a largely stellar job of moving into Ashly Burch’s gargantuan clown footwear as the substitute voice for Chloe. There are some animation points, notably with regards to sudden digicam adjustments (a potential side-effect of this working at 300FPS on my laptop). There are little glitches and issues right here and there which do detract from the expertise as an entire, and that’s a disgrace, as a result of “experience” is the finest strategy to sum up this collection.


Then there’s Farewell, the bonus episode. If this seems like an addendum to the remainder of the review, that’s solely becoming, as a result of Farewell is just about an addendum to the whole Arcadia Bay arc.

It’ll take about 90 minutes to play by way of, and the entirety of it is set in and round Chloe’s home, with a youthful Max making an attempt to work out learn how to inform a youthful Chloe that she and her household are transferring to Seattle in a matter of days. It’s a splendidly bittersweet little vignette that explores their friendship and their childhood, and I’m not going to lie: I silently shed two solely manly tears at one level. It’s not “essential” to the Life is Strange expertise, however when you have a passion for Max and Chloe, then it’s one thing you actually ought to play. If Life is Strange‘s eventual sequel does certainly give attention to new characters, then this is an exquisite capstone and last farewell to our two heroines.


Which, now that I give it some thought, is how I really feel about Before the Storm on the whole. My preliminary considerations for the prequel collection have been that it would really feel utterly pointless, or that it would really detract from the marvellous Life is Strange. I nonetheless really feel that this is “unnecessary” – it doesn’t significantly add a lot to Life is Strange, nor is its stand-alone narrative notably earth-shaking – nevertheless it definitely doesn’t detract from its predecessor.

And actually, “necessary” isn’t the level, is it? The level is that it’s an awfully properly accomplished return to Arcadia Bay, proving that Deck Nine have the chops to sort out a collection with a critical following, and do it correct justice. “Necessary?” No. Life is Strange would’ve felt full with out this. But that doesn’t reduce Before the Storm – or its very good characters, or its heart-rending moments, or its moments of triumph, or the sheer pleasure of being again right here and seeing these characters once more – in any method, and nor does it reduce Life is Strange.

Did you want Life is Strange? Then, whether or not or not a prequel was strictly vital, it’s best to completely play this.

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