LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (PlayStation 4) Review

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (PlayStation 4) Review

Lego Marvel 3With Marvel releasing movies virtually weekly, it feels just like the superhero craze of the final decade is beginning to attain crucial mass. The comic-book big’s big catalogue of heroes and villains appears inexhaustible, but LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 places all of them to good work, utilizing and dispatching them with the cold-heartedness of a Disney government who simply realised his director may dare to deviate from the script slightly.

Granted, it’s nice to see the bizarre characters of Marvel getting a LEGO incarnation. You can inform when Stan Lee began to expire of concepts once you see names like Man-Thing, Spider-Gwen, and Man-Ape – and people solely scratch the floor of the villains you’ll and the heroes you’ll meet. Chief among the many former is Kang the Conquerer (performed effectively by Peter Serafinowicz) who has taken parts of 16 totally different universes and melded them to create Chronopolis.

Lego Marvel 4

Chronopolis serves because the sandbox for LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2, and whereas it actually is a vibrant one – containing sections starting from New York 2099 to the Wild West – it’s disappointing to see that nearly none of it’s made out of LEGO – and that goes for a lot of the ranges, too. LEGO Worlds proved that the PS4 can deal with the facility of rendering a great deal of particular person bricks, so the truth that Chronopolis is usually simply regular textures appears lazy and is a detriment to the expertise.

The open world is affected by totally different actions, from stopping fairly crimes to mini boss fights in opposition to obscure villains, in addition to loads of collectibles. Unfortunately, it isn’t a compelling world, and contemplating that this can be a LEGO Game there is no actual cause for something apart from a small hub world to be current within the Game. The solely factor that Chronopolis actually provides to the Game is elevated journey occasions between missions, which is a minor inconvenience.

Still, the totally different backdrops do result in some enjoyable missions in the primary story. One memorable stage takes place in New York Noir, set within the Roaring 20s, by which Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel staff up with Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Spider-Man Noir to storm Fisk Tower and take down Kingpin. The entire stage has an old-timey filter laid over it with a jazz rating enjoying, Spider-Man Noir consistently self-narrating, and a number of characters waving their fists as in the event that they had been forged in a silent movie. The boss with Kingpin is superb too, involving dancing, a automobile with actually shiny headlights, and a boombox. It’s a basic instance of TT Games’ appeal manifesting itself.

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Yet that is one of many few highlights of the primary marketing campaign, as boss fights are persistently underwhelming however for a choose few. It’s much less “villain of the week” and extra “villain of the minute” with many ranges containing a number of forgettable encounters. Most fights observe a strict method: defeat a boss’ minions whereas it has its protect up, punch the boss a view occasions when it reveals itself, rinse, and repeat. Very not often do they include some form of puzzle – more often than not they’re merely checks of how rapidly you may hit sq..

Button-mashing is a theme of the Game normally: whether or not it is smashing crates to get elements for a construct, smashing crates for studs, or punching goons, you may be – ahem – pushing sq. many, many occasions. In the odd occasion that the Game slows down and provides you an precise puzzle – typically in its finest moments – you may solely be allowed to deliberate for just a few moments earlier than the answer is introduced to you, and that is when you’re fortunate. Most of the time the Game lets you already know the answer as quickly because the puzzle is revealed, both by the digital camera specializing in it for therefore lengthy that you would be able to’t presumably miss it, or by a personality telling you about it. We perceive that the Game is partly aimed toward youngsters, however the quantity of hand-holding within the Game is sort of suffocating – a minimum of an choice to show hints off with out turning off the entire HUD can be good.

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Speaking of the viewers, TT Games appears to be confused about its personal. While there are big quantities of the aforementioned hand-holding, the sheer variety of characters within the Game additionally makes it fairly laborious to maintain observe of which character has which energy, and this may actually over complicate proceedings. LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is much too straightforward for adults, however for teenagers there are approach too many issues to maintain observe of. As effectively because the totally different characters, there are additionally large picks of collectibles – gold bricks, pink bricks, True Believer rewards for getting a certain quantity of studs in a stage, secret characters, and one Stan Lee to avoid wasting in every stage; the latter being a enjoyable thought as LEGO Lee is voiced by the person himself.

The voice performing, jokes, and dialogue normally, nevertheless, are fairly mediocre. While there are some good performances (Kang specifically) a lot of the heroes are forgettably voiced – Star-Lord and Spider-Man will induce loads of groans with their countless unhealthy quips, and we’re not even certain whether or not they’re tongue-in-cheek or not. Again, we perceive that the jokes are sometimes meant for teenagers, however the story will probably be fairly laborious for kids to observe since heroes and villains consistently enter and depart, throwing round Marvel terminology that even we did not get at some factors. Although there are some legitimately humorous moments – the ending is a spotlight – they’re nonetheless a far cry from the early days of LEGO games when the humour was visible and intelligent. In reality, they seem to be a far cry from the sooner games in virtually each side, and whereas change in good, in LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2’s case it is not at all times optimistic.


Playing LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is a continuing battle between being pulled in by TT Games’ appeal and being pushed away by the repetitive gameplay. For each wonderful second there are seemingly a number of forgettable ones, however when you can abdomen the lows of the story, then there are some enjoyable occasions available. Still, this middling effort exhibits that the LEGO collection is in want of some revitalising adjustments.

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