Crossing Souls (PlayStation 4) Review

Crossing Souls (PlayStation 4) Review

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80s popular culture has been gaining momentum in an enormous manner lately, between issues just like the mega standard Stranger Things and the ever-expanding – and far deserved – recognition of synthwave within the music scene. The decade was wealthy with exhibits, movies, songs, and the whole lot in between that folks younger and outdated look upon fondly, so the thought to construction a Game round these influences, as Fourattic’s Crossing Souls does, needs to be a grasp stroke. And this holds true, not less than partly.

Crossing Souls is a top-down brawler/platformer/puzzle Game in Devolver Digital’s well-trodden pixelated artwork fashion. You management a bunch of five youngsters, with various strengths; you get the tomboy, the robust one, the “normal” one, the nerd, and the nuisance. They uncover an odd, historical stone with fascinating properties that enables them to see the spirits of the deceased, who exist on a distinct aircraft of existence. The story capabilities as a mashup of nearly each 80s film that’s necessary to popular culture you may consider. There are references giant and small starting from smaller stuff, just like the bizarre decontamination tunnels from E.T. to lower than refined issues, like if you encounter a side-quest that’s actually the plot of Poltergeist, trimmed right down to a few minutes lengthy. This reverence to the popular culture of the 80s is way and away the strongest side of the Game, as most of the references and jokes are intelligent or simply plain enjoyable to see unfold. A specific standout on this side is a pair of boss fights across the Game’s midpoint which might be enemies from every of the two Ghostbusters movies.

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That being mentioned, cracks within the hull begin to seem when you look previous the Game’s fondness for the 80s. Each of the youngsters within the group has a distinct distinctive means, and there are some puzzles that require biking between every character to perform your objectives. The downside is that these are few and much between. More usually than not you may plough by means of areas utilizing simply one of many characters, which is a disgrace. The puzzles that require this juggling act are essentially the most attention-grabbing gameplay parts of the title, and it’s particularly disappointing within the again half of the Game. Using the mysterious stone to go to the useless is taken out of the equation virtually completely, and the scale of your occasion dwindles, because the final chunk of the Game is a comparatively uninspired mishmash of irritating platforming sections and decidedly boring beat-’em-up segments. While the puzzles themselves are by no means precisely difficult, they’re enjoyable and satisfying to finish, whatever the issue.

The Game is at its greatest when it prioritises puzzles and cleverness – which shines by means of within the environments as nicely, because the puzzles utilise the environment – nevertheless it’s downright confounding that that is thrown away, to get replaced with mundanity for the ultimate act. Mercifully, the narrative holds robust for the final mad sprint to the end line, however think about if the act of taking part in that stretch had been as satisfying because the narrative. Not solely that, however the Game introduces fairly numerous mechanics, or mixtures of mechanics, solely to return to them possibly as soon as, or by no means once more in lots of circumstances. If a few of the fight had been trimmed out, and changed by extra layered, sophisticated puzzles as the Game approached its conclusion, the precise gameplay can be a much more satisfying side of the title than it finally ends up being. It’d actually be extra entertaining than mashing the sq. button incessantly for two hours.

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Okay, the fight isn’t the best factor on this planet, nevertheless it’s a testomony to the opposite aspects of this Game that regardless of that, the title continues to be price your time. Like we mentioned, its popular culture fondness is an enormous promoting level, and this extends to the artwork course as nicely. The Game’s vibrant color palette is pleasant, and its cutscenes are superb. They’re within the fashion of 80s cartoons reminiscent of He-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, full with static and monitoring points, and the Game is truthfully virtually price it simply to see these little snippets of magnificence.

Another of the Game’s greatest property is, after all, its music. The inventive would possibly of Chris Köbke and synthwave artist Timecop1983 ends in a rating that gives each an excellent synthwave sound, in addition to one thing that might go for Alan Silvestri’s Back to the Future rating.


Crossing Souls is an attention-grabbing title. Absolutely in love with the popular culture of the 1980s, the title wears this love on its sleeve, and the appeal of that’s simple. Unfortunately, whereas the writing, artwork, music, and references are nice, the gameplay peters out slightly shortly. After a powerful first couple of hours, filled with attention-grabbing and layered puzzles, the final half of the title shortly devolves into not more than a group of platforming and melee fight situations with little else to maintain you going. The finish result’s Game that’s enjoyable and entertaining regardless of its gameplay, not due to it.

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