Battle of the Bulge – PC Game Review

Battle of the Bulge – PC Game Review

By Rick Martin

Battle of the Bulge PC Game Review.  Publisher: Shenandoah Studio Price  $9.99

Passed Inspection: Fun quick play which is straightforward to be taught however difficult to grasp. Great sound impacts and music. Atmospheric. Great worth for the worth.

Failed Basic:  Unrealistic fight outcomes.  Too simplistic at instances. At instances very irritating.

Shenandoah Studios has delved in to the final nice German offensive of World War II with their new therapy of The Battle of the Bulge.  Available on Steam for the worth of $9.99, this technique Game is a good worth for the cash.

The system necessities are:

Windows® XP/Vista/7/8 or 10.

Pentium 4 or equal


512Mb DirectX 9 video card with shader mannequin 2.0

CD ROM Drive (not required for the digital model)

DirectX Compatible Sound Card

Focusing on the December, 1944 battle, award profitable Game designer John Butterfield’s design is each opulently atmospheric and streamlined minimalistic.  Each unit is a division, brigade or regiment and every flip is a number of hours of every day of the battle.  The total battle is represented in the marketing campaign Game whereas four variant situations symbolize a spread of particular days from the battle. Each territory is roughly 15 to 20 miles throughout.

Each unit is listed as both armor, infantry or motorized infantry and every unit is rated for motion, firepower and hit factors in addition to particular talents. The gamers could be both Americans or German with A/I taking over one facet.  Alternatively, the Game could be performed two participant both by “Play be Email” or by sizzling seat.

A colourful map of the battle space is split in to sectors which might include as much as three models of all sides.

Each day of the battle is damaged down in to turns of variable size which permit the gamers to maneuver all the models in a given sector with the unit’s motion fee relying on the kind of unit and the terrain the unit is shifting by means of.  Strategic motion can be utilized over roads when the transfer doesn’t encounter enemy models.  Once a unit strikes throughout the flip, it will probably’t transfer throughout every other flip of the day until it’s an armored unit advancing in to a sector after a breakthrough.

When models encounter enemy models, a battle window open up and reveals the probably end result of the battle plus any terrain which can assist out the defender of the fight.  The participant can then both add models as much as three to the fight or “undo” the strikes and begin over.

When the models are “committed” to the fight or the transfer, the pc reveals the outcomes.  In a battle, the models assault one another and the particular results present smoke, fireplace and fight outcomes with applicable sound results.  If a unit has takes extra hits than it has hit factors, it’s destroyed.  If all the enemy models in a sector are destroyed, the surviving armor models could possibly transfer a further territory utilizing the aforementioned breakthrough strikes.

During the course of the Game, the participant is given standing experiences exhibiting particular occasions resembling commando assaults, air energy, provide and different command and management screens together with a display screen exhibiting how far all sides is in direction of reaching victory.  An exquisite characteristic permits the participant to look at the actual life occasions of every day as a way to study the actual Battle of the Bulge.  When the data screens are accessed, the participant hears applicable music for 1944 together with songs resembling “Lili Marleen”. The atmospherics give the participant the really feel of being a Divisional Commander studying fight experiences from his HQ.

The key to victory for the Germans is to be very aggressive and drive like hell in direction of the goals whereas the Allies should fight till the climate turns and Allied armor reinforcements and air energy blunts the German thrusts.

The Game itself could be realized by enjoying the tutorial and studying the handbook.  The tutorial may be very informative and properly developed.  You can begin enjoying the Game after lower than 20 minutes enjoying the tutorial.

Supply may be very merely and effectively dealt with.  If you could have open territories that are managed by your facet and no enemy forces are between the provide supply and the models, provide is sweet. Otherwise, the out of provide unit can’t transfer or shoot and loses hit factors each flip.

While the Game may be very enjoyable and addictive, it does have some flaws which might create an incredible deal of frustration particularly for knowledgeable gamers.

The very first thing I observed was that solely the defender will get terrain bonuses throughout a battle.  This appeared very unusual and would have turned the tide of an assault if the terrain benefited each events.

Also, if you retreat a broken unit out of fight, you may’t then transfer in a recent unit till one other fight takes place with the models at the moment in the territory.  This doesn’t precisely symbolize the movement of fight.  In addition, I discovered it irritating as the fight outcomes don’t appear to soak up to account reinforcing the battle. The program at all times makes you fight with the unit that simply moved in to bolster a battle with no assist out of your models that are already there. There needs to be a strategy to reinforce your individual models when they’re being attacked as an alternative of having to sit down by and watch them slaughtered even when there are models out there to assist them.


None-the-less, The Battle of the Bulge is nice enjoyable to play in order for you an introductory beer and pretzels pc Game.  I truly received it as the Germans on the second play by means of.  Now to return and attempt to win it from the Allied facet!

Armchair General Rating:  86 %

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