Allegations of cheating rock FIFA 18

Allegations of cheating rock FIFA 18

This previous week has been a tough one for the FIFA neighborhood, with disturbing allegations of cheating calling into query the legitimacy of FIFA Ultimate Team’s best mode.

Some of FIFA 18’s high gamers have been accused of disconnecting to keep away from recording a loss by way of what’s known as a “no loss glitch” – and now there are calls from some for EA to cancel this week’s Weekend League till the corporate can kind out the issue.


FUT Champions is essential for FIFA professionals to qualify for main tournaments in 2018.

FUT Champions is FIFA Ultimate Team’s best mode. I’ve reported on its calls for and rewards, and the rationale so many put so many hours into it (it requires you play 40 matches every weekend). Top eligible gamers on the worldwide FUT Champions leaderboard obtain an invite to the FUT Champions Cups, so every match counts.

The allegations of cheating hit the FIFA neighborhood when professional participant Krasimir Ivanov was accused of disconnecting in a match to keep away from a loss.

Under regular circumstances, quitting out of a web based match in FUT mechanically registers as a 3-0 loss to the participant who pulled the plug. However, it appears there is a matter with appropriately registering a loss when a participant tethers their console to a cell phone connection and disconnects by way of their cellphone.

This downside is highlighted within the video within the tweet under.

It may additionally be the case that merely turning your console off mid-match causes this “no loss glitch”, as highlighted by the video under.

Earlier this week a tweet from FIFA participant Lenny21LFC confirmed a video of a match during which Ivanov disconnects from a Game, however retains his 39-1 Weekend League report.

Ivanov was additionally accused of disconnecting in opposition to fellow professional FIFA participant Benedikt “SaLz0r” Saltzer whereas 3-0 down (the disconnect is recorded in a clip of SaLz0r’s stream).

Last night time, Ivanov took to Twitter to disclaim cheating, insisting he has by no means used a 4G connection to win games.

He did, nevertheless, admit to rage quitting in opposition to SaLz0r by disconnecting his PS4, however claims he by no means recorded a loss for some purpose.

Ivanov goes on to hit out at fellow FIFA professionals, who he accuses of quitting games once they discover themselves up in opposition to one another on-line. How do they know they’re enjoying a fellow professional? They use sure kits to recognise one another earlier than the match begins.

Another professional FIFA participant accused of cheating is Ovidiu Patrascu. Patrascu additionally took to Twitter to disclaim any wrongdoing, insisting a current ban was the outcome of coin selling (most FIFA professionals promote coin promoting on their YouTube channels, which is in opposition to EA’s guidelines however not often enforced).

While each Ivanov and Patrascu have denied cheating, the allegations have known as into query the legitimacy of the FUT Champions mode. It’s now tough to know who within the high 100 FUT Champions leaderboard achieved their place legitimately, and who cheated their strategy to the highest. It will be the case that some gamers have been denied a high 100 spot just because cheaters have pushed them out.

There’s a rising name for EA to cancel this week’s Weekend League in an effort to kind out FUT Champions (we have requested EA for remark). Influential FIFA YouTuber MattHD, who has 2.1m subscribers, revealed a video expressing his concern that this disconnection problem may damage FUT Champions.

It stays to be seen whether or not EA will take motion, however for now, most gamers agree the mega writer has its work lower out to revive religion in FUT.

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